Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Group Buying Sites

Group Buying sites I have been scouring relentlessly looking for bargains in key areas of self improvement or relaxation.   I won't do impulse buys.  I will however buy things at significant discounts that are meaningful for me.

I admit its easy to over do it.  I tend to look at the sites and if I see something I want, I close the web page and think about it.  I'll mule over it for a while.

Recently I thought about getting a month long yoga studio membership, a house cleaning service, lazer hair removal, a day at the spa, and a gift certificate for clothing.

I bought two of the above five items that caught my eye.  They were all reasonably priced and useful items to me.  However each time I think about buying, I close the purchasing window after reading the terms of the purchase and looking at a map at the location.   I see how long its gnawing at me.  I think about how probable it is I could forget about it and not use it.

The most expensive purchase I made thus far (275 dollars) I spoke with three people about before I bought it.  The purchase wasn't in my monthly budget, and the service was further away than I liked especially considering I will be visiting it repeatedly.  However when I look at the cost and the value to me.  I think I can make the additional effort to get there on my days off work in the fall.

My second rule is that I can only have two unused certificates at any one time.  I can't buy any more services until I take my day at the spa and refill my self-improvement cash reserve.  What about you?  Are you a fan of group buying websites?

Here is a link connecting to several in Montreal

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