Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Thousand Islands tours

I have been wanting ever since I passed the thousand islands on my first trip the Quebec, to travel to the Thousand Islands.  It just looked so majestic.  I didn't know where to go to do a reasonable tour.  Which is why when I saw wonder tours was running a special of 40% off their bus trips I decided to jump on it and bought two tickets.  I called in advance to be sure my 2 year old could sit on my lap.  They said it was fine.  So I got my family the bus trip for around 70 dollars.  We had to pay 20 dollars each to take the 1 hour boat tour of the US and Canadian islands.  It was beautiful.  I am glad I did it.  It would have been cheaper to just drive there I realized after, but it was nice to just put my feet up and let someone else drive me.

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