Sunday, May 29, 2011

My daughters room makeover

So I posted over a month ago that for my annual spring clean I was trying to make over my house. In particular I wanted to tackle my living area, my daughters room and my front and back baloneys.  I wanted to do it all for 300 dollars, or as much as possible for 300 dollars.  I posted my challenge before I got my new job so I can probably add to the budget.  However for the fun of seeing what I can do with 300 dollars, I will keep to that budget until it gone.

I made over my daughters room via a bedroom set I found on craigslist.  I also bought a very dirty table and chair set from the same woman, which I am using both in the front and back balconies.  I will post that later because I am not done cleaning and organizing the outdoor furniture.

I bought the entire kit for 110 and paid a mover 90 dollars to get it to my house.  I spent 200 dollars total.

My daughters room looked like this before, the dresser was in bad shape when I purchased it.  I covered the paint chips with wall art.  My daughter further destroyed it by ripping wall art off the dressers and pulling off the remaining paint.  The dresser was also a little too big for her room.  Overall it was ugly and thats why it was on my list to redo

Her room looks like this now

I still want to change her lamps, the curtain, and perhaps the wall art.  I'll do that as sales pop up.  However the furniture is the perfect size and that little 3 drawer thing in the corner is a gorgeous antique secretary desk, worth far more than I paid for the entire set.  The entire set is real wood.  I love it and I am very happy with my purchase.  My daughter brags about her room.  What do you think of it?

Now the most challenging part of the challenge is actually getting the living area improved with 100 dollars, which is unfortunately all that I happen to have left in the budget.  I will show you my balconies in the coming weeks.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Using all my resources

I got a new job last month and so cheap girl has spending money again.  It feels so good.  The amazing thing about my three jobs is that each one has its own perks.  I've decided to use all three.

My new job, which I won't talk about in detail is my main job.  My salary pays all my expenses, will allow me to save a little, and in a year will provide matching retirement benefits.  Its kinda a dream gig for me.  It will let me use all my talents on some youth who are struggling.  They also have a gym located on site available to employees at lunch, which is an amazing perk.  I use it every day I can.

My on call job which isn't something I do every week but it pays me a little more than my third job.  They provide a quality free lunch and therapy if I ever need it.  Therapy, which runs about 120 bucks a visit, is not covered by our medical system, and its nice to know I have it available if I feel I need it. The reason they provide it to employees is because it's an emotionally draining job.  I feel blessed to have the option

My last job, which I do 5 hours a week, allows me to relax.  I can also sign up for training on pretty much any computer program you can think of.  I think that's pretty cool.  I start doing photoshop tutorials for free. This job is pretty much minimum wage.  I only do it because I love the environment plus it hardly feels like working.  I look forward to that job every week.

I think I happen to be extremely luck with all the perks I have at my three jobs.  Yet I found that few people use the gym at my work.  Few people take the free time at my third job for self development let alone taking the free tutorials.  I can't say how many people use the therapy at my second job but my guess is that very few actually do.  You see people often over-look whats right in front of them.

What free activity or support can use at work, at school, or in your community to improve your life?