Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I bought a sling baby carrier to carry my daughter in, from craigslist before she was born. It got a ton of use. I actually wore it everyday when my daughter was a baby. Slings are amazing. They are the simplest piece of equipment and it really did keep my daughter from crying.

The original one that I purchased was from hotsling. It was crazy stylish. Although I bought it used, the woman I purchased it from never used it. I washed it over and over again and it shrunk a little but luckily I can still use it. I can’t carry her too far now she’s approaching 30 lbs and its tough on my spine to go long distances with her in the carrier. I can carry her on and off the bus in the sling though.  Its handy up and down stairs on metro.

Yet I can’t use my old one with a coat. It’s too small. So I purchased a new sling from seven slings. They were running a special. I paid 14.00 for it with shipping and I think I will get a year worth of use out of it. My new sling is stylish. It works with my winter jacket because I purchased a slightly larger size. 

Have you ever tried a sling?

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