Saturday, April 16, 2011

Furniture Upgrade Challenge

It's time to spring clean.  The loveliest time of the year for the bargain hunter willing to take gently used items from yard sales, online classifieds and dare I say: the trash.

University students are moving away. Organized students sell their furniture inexpensively, while disorganized students throw out furniture at the last minute.  You also have people like me who don't have the capability to donate larger items.  If I set something useful out for the trash 9/10, someone comes to take it before the garbage men. Its the neighborhood give away.  I actually got a great bookshelf a couple months ago this way.

I started hunting for free furniture while in university and found fabulous finds like a lovely microwave, a breadmaker, a fabulous three shelf console table, a bookshelf and bags of designer clothing for free.  It was great for me, having had come from an impoverished background in small town that didn't waste.  When I moved to a city of rich college kids who threw everything away, was like a little bit of heaven to me.  It's not great on the environment but for someone without a lot of resources it can be a gold mine.  My college apartments at 19 and 20 were decorated like a designers, mostly with what other students thought was trash.  If you're thinking that's not possible you'd be mistaken.  I mean it wasn't a millionaires apartment but it was the same as any middle upper class college classmate.  No one knew how poor I was, and I preferred it that way.

My personal challenge:  I want to upgrade my daughter's furniture, get patio furniture for the front and back of my condo, and get a nice wall unit or armoire for my entertainment center.  Those are my focuses for this year's spring clean.  I don't have a time frame.  My total budget is 300 dollars including moving fees and taxes.  I have a few other little things I would like to change that aren't my priorities this year but I may end up upgrading if they are available.  I find that buying used is better without a strict plan, otherwise you miss the best deals.

Do you think I can do it?  My timeline to finish is August but I will post pictures when I can.  The first picture is a bookshelf I got free a month ago. It also has one shelf of mystery novels that I got free from craigslist.

What about you is there anything you want to upgrade this year?

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