Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clearly Contacts

My daughter broke my glasses last month.

It was a real bummer.  I went down to the place where I bought my eye glasses (which were 400 two years ago) and unfortunately they couldn't be repaired.  I have placed two orders with clearly contacts in the past for my contacts.  I was pretty happy with the order but I never quite felt comfortable purchasing my eyeglasses over the internet.  It seemed too complicated.  I got a new prescription for my eye glasses which cost 40 dollars and then I decided to take the plunge and buy my glasses online.

I paid about 40 dollars for my new glasses, which was 50 bucks total shipped to my door overnighted.  If I add everything up with the eye exam my new glasses cost me 90 dollars.  I compare that to my old glasses which were 500 dollars total and I think this is a better deal.  Plus these fit really well, dare I say better than the eye glasses I paid so much more for.  The hinges of these are somewhat spring loaded, so I don't have to adjust these all the time.  I do really like them and I will probably order a pair of prescription sunglasses from them soon.  What do you think about my new glasses?

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