Friday, March 25, 2011

Furniture Upgrades

I bought a condo last year.  I had a few grand to spend on furniture at the time.  I spent it on a new pull out couch and a kitchen table.  I love the kitchen table.  I am happy the couch.

My bedroom needed a change.  I had an IKEA malm bed which is pretty attractive but it was a little broken on the inside.  It also took up a lot of space around the edges of the mattress and left little room for other furniture.  So I saw an ad for a new bedroom set and decided to go for it.  I bought the entire set of one armoire, a bed, a dresser with mirror, and two side tables for 50 dollars. I hired movers for 65.  I love the set.  It changed my bedroom.  I have room for all my clothing now, and additional storage.  I also gained inches in the bedroom because of a difference in the way the bed was made.  You can't see the entire set in this photo but you can get the gist of my new set.

The set isn't perfect it's slightly damaged with scratches on the bedside table tops and a little dent in the base of the bed that's not noticeable.  I kept my own mattress and don't recommend ever taking a used mattress.

I love my new bedroom set.  It is such an improvement.  What do you think of my new set?

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