Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When life throw your lemons make lemonade.

My on call job hasn't called me to work for them in a month.  My lack of work leaves me on a very little budget.  I have been dying to make a few upgrades to my home.  The very top of the list at present is : I wanted to get a few dressers, a couple armoires, and a couple of bookshelves.  We need the dressers for the bedrooms and the rest of the furniture is for our family room.

I wanted my living area to focus on books and games rather than the television.  We also didn't have enough bookshelves for our current number of books.  

I was so happy to see on Thursday night when I took out the trash, that one of my condo neighbors threw out a new looking IKEA billy bookshelf.  I knew what brand it was because I bought one a few years ago.  The bookshelf set out to the curb was small enough that I could carry it in my house by myself.  Yet tall enough my daughter can't reach two of the shelves.  It was already put together too, another plus in my book.

After de-snowing and cleaning our new bookshelf.  I started stocking it.  I think it looks better full. I really needed more books in order to fill both shelves.  I have been waiting to order a few books from my favorite online retailer.  I had promised myself when I had finished reading 3 of my perhaps 8 unread books I could place another order.  I had finished reading the minimum number of books weeks ago, but I kept hoping that Gorilla Marketing would make it to my favorite retailer who sells books way below retail value.  It finally made it.   I placed an order for a couple audiobooks, and 13 books.  My order totaled 52 dollars with shipping/tax which was a bargain in my opinion.  I doubt it will completely fill my bookshelf so I was so happy to see on craigslist someone offering up about 12 mystery novels that I have never read.

I emailed her and she replied.  I went to go get them on Sunday.  They completed my beautiful shelf of books/games and toys.  Thanks craigslist, my book donor, and the local bookshelf trasher you've made the day of this under-employed blogger.

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