Friday, February 18, 2011

My minimalistic weekly budget = $0

I got pretty motivated finding my brand new bookshelf and then filling it two days later with about 21 free books gotten from craigslist.  I decided to try to dedicate this week to getting things for free.    I can barter.  I can take items from the curb. I can use craigslist.  Whatever I do this week, I cannot buy anything with cash aside from food.  This week will come to an end next Wednesday, at which time I will share my bookshelf and anything else I manage to find that's of use to me.

I find it motivational because when you make up your mind to sticking to budget, you'd be surprised how creative you can be to get what you would like.  I've done this before actually before I had my daughter I placed an ad asking for gently used children's clothing or furniture.  I offered to pick it up around their convenience and I ended up getting enough clothing and baby items that I really had to barely purchase anything for my daughter her first year of life.  I didn't use a sob story.  I offered them a service free pick up of items they don't need anymore. 

There are sometimes that when I apply to free ads that I offer cookies and that tends to make people offering free stuff very happy.  You give a little and you take a little and everyone benefits.

So hopefully this week goes well, but if not I still have my bookshelf to show off.  I have more storage in my apartment.  I have more books.  We'll see whatelse I manage to acquire this week and what I end up giving back.

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