Monday, February 28, 2011

Its time to shop for winter clothing.

The spring lines are coming into all the stores and so in my opinion this is the time to get new clothing but not the spring lines.  Its the time for winter clothing.

I have a job interview this week and felt like my sweaters are too warn to wear to a job interview.  Yet the position is too informal to wear very formal clothing.  I think a nice sweater and nice pair of pants is the perfect outfit.  So I went to a clearance sale at our local Zellers store, the sale was 40% off already reduced clearance clothing.  Zellers is a canadian version of JcPenny/Walmart in my opinion.  I found 4 nice sweaters and paid a total of 22 dollars for all four of them.  They fit me pretty well and looked nice on.  I then went to LoBlaw and bought two shirts for 10 dollars while my husband was grocery shopping.  I spent 35 dollars with tax and now feel happy about my sweater collection and shirt collection.

So now with my closet over-flowing I decided to sort through the old ones.  I found 5 sweaters to donate to charity.  I try to arrange one sweater in and one sweater out.  It worked.  My closet feels way more fabulous.  I am ready for my job interview.

Wish me luck!

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