Thursday, February 24, 2011

Charging by the Bandwidth : Difficulties using Netflix

I am a big movie fan as many of you know.  However the trouble with netflix, really a problem with Canadian internet supply, is that watching movies can increase your internet bill substantially. I had a 50 dollar increase in my internet bill last month.  Which was just from watching netflix on my computer.

Its super annoying.  It makes me think I need to change my internet provider which is currently videotron.  Its only small start up companies that offer unlimited internet usage.  I'd change my provider right away except that we have a contract and secondly the law is currently up for debate about charging for usage/bandwidth.  The government did approve it so that all companies will have to start charging by the bandwidth, but now after consumer outrage, charging by internet usage is up for review. 

Personally I think its bulking customers for as much as possible.  I know that it can slow down or over-whelm servers.  However the companies are not exactly making a loss right now.  I mean they're ahead by millions.  So why not just upgrade servers occasionally?  I think the world is more and more increasing their operations on the net.  I am all for a strategy to make it fair for everyone.  I am just not sure that the government should encourage the oligopoly we currently have in Canada and let them charge customers whatever they want.

So cheap girl thinks you should let your representatives know we aren't interested in being forced to be charged by usage.  We don't want small internet start ups, who were just allowed on the stage a couple years ago, to go out of business.  We'd prefer choice.  I'd prefer a new contract one that lets me watch movies a few times a week without an extra fifty dollars internet bill.

What do you think about the government legislating with Bell and Videotron dictating?

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