Sunday, February 13, 2011

Changes are a Foot

I had a baby two years ago and have been struggling since then with the work/life issues many mothers face.  It's a little more extreme for me because I don't have family near by and I also don't drive.
It's been hard to find meaningful work that fits within my family's schedule.  My partner does shift work that varies week to week.   I cannot depend on him for daycare or transportation.

I thought I had solved my working issue a few months ago when I took an on call job.  My on call work which went well in the fall, hasn't called me in a month.  I'm starting to get frustrating and I am again looking for work.  I'm not quitting but something has to accompany it.  I cannot live off the limited and unpredictable income it provides.

There's a long list of what would make it easier to get a job, in my sector, in my city.   So I am putting together a plan of action.

A couple of days ago I went to office that provides free french classes for new immigrants.  I asked about the french classes, and I found out about the french classes which I will probably do part time in the spring, along with a few other courses that I can take through them that could help me get a better job.  I spoke about my issues with a friend, who explained to me an internships program that I could do, to start a business.   I've been looking at job ads and found one clinic that is offering 3 full time positions.   It's a little far for me and not in my area of interest.  I'm also not looking for full time work mostly because its hard to accommodate it with my partner's ever-changing work schedule.  However this job fits really well with my training, and since there are three jobs, for people with relatively specific training, something tells me if I wanted one of the positions I could have it.  So I decided that I am going to apply and see how flexible the scheduling could be and how well it will pay.  I found a couple of other part-time jobs that I am applying to this week.  I also pulled rank and contacted a director of a government agency, an agency who I would love to work for, that is making me jump through paperwork hoops that will take 6 months to possibly get on their on call list.  Its super annoying because after 6 months and 100 dollars to process the paperwork they require as a formality, they may not hire me. If her contact at work, works out I may be able to get a very ideal on call job and reduce the time frame of the paperwork required to get the position.  I am hopeful that I hear back this week about it.  I am going to go see an employment counselor this week.  Lastly I am applying to go back to school, it's my back up plan. So between the employment counselor, the internship program, several job applications, my contacts, and my upcoming french classes I think something should work out.  If all else fails, I will go back to school full time in the Fall for a two year program that will lend itself to more career opportunities.

I have a serious game plan.  What about you?  Is there anything you need to change to improve your financial situation?

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