Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ask and You Shall Recieve - Negiotation at its best!

Negotiating is a really important skill to living a good life. 

If you learn to negotiate with others you end up getting what you want in exchange for what you can offer.

You shouldn't just ask for something and not offer anything unless your really desperate.

I am going to give you a few examples of how I use these principles:

1.) A while ago I went to a spa and wanted to have a treatment done repeatedly.  The thing was it cost like 200 dollars per treatment and I didn't have the money for it.  The place was nearby my work, which had a pretty flexible schedule at the time.  I offered to come in at the last minute if she had a no show.  So she agreed and we settled on a price of 75 dollars per treatment.   Now she only called me twice but to me it was worth  it.  I offered to fill a spot where she'd have not had any customers, and in return I got a significant discount.

2.) I recently got someone to cover an upcoming shift for me at work, but then the appointment that I had, got rescheduled.  I wanted to work my regular shift but to get my hours back, so I offered my colleague first dibs on my upcoming shifts.  In return I also got offered first dibs on her shifts.  This worked out better than I had anticipated because not only did I get my shift back at work but I will also be able to get an extra one.

3.) I need toddler items for my daughter and I have a friend who needs girls clothes so I exchange my daughters gently used clothes for her gently used toddler items.  We both save money here and waste less.

So when you are going to ask for a discount the next time think about what you are offering the salesmen.  When you want an upgrade what can you give the hostess?  When you want an extra shift at work who can you barter with to get one?  What sort of items do you have easy access to that are valuable to others?

What's your best negotiation story?

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