Monday, October 18, 2010

Establishing a way to reach a goal within your means

I finally found a job that I like doing in the fall.  There are certain downsides of it, it pays less than I expected by about 4 dollars an hour.  Additionally, its a risky job.  I don't care to clarify why it's risky, because I have decided to not discuss current employment issues on my blog posts but basically I could get sick or be injured on the job more easily than many other employment options. The rewards though of finally getting to use my skills and finally working in a supportive and healthy work environment compensate for the downsides of my work.

I've decided to stick this job out mostly because I do like it and I am sure if I found a less risky job I probably would not like it as much.  The pay issue does bother me but I do have other things that I am planning to do to try to improve the situation.  I have a small business I plan to start operating in the next year.  I decided to not quit my second job for the foreseeable future.  It pays even less but isn't really risky and I enjoy the time I spend there. 
So what opportunities do I have at my current situation?

I have free meals at my main job (nice cause I never have to pack a lunch or leave for coffee).
I have the opportunity to train in areas interesting to me at my main job.
I have the opportunity to develop my own programming at my main job.
I have a second job that's letting me create my business plan and presentations.
I also have access to high quality computers at my second job.
I am able to have subsidized daycare (available to all parents if you look hard enough anyways, in my province)
I have good public transportation so I don't use a car or pay for gas.
I live in a major city and know how to get free activities for fun things to do.
I live in a province with the cheapest tuition so I can go back to school if need be at some point.
I can get to all my work locations easily with the metro.
I have provincially provided health care.

I have this plan melted together.  I am able use the jobs where I am at to continue getting ahead which means I owe them my loyalties.  I wish I had a work sponsored retirement program or tuition reimbursement.  I wish I earned a little more or could work more regularly at my primary job. That would make my life a little cooler at the moment.  But when I look at all I do have, in reality I am pretty lucky.  I have a plan.  I will get ahead eventually and for now I am coasting along.

How can you make your situation work for you?

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