Friday, September 10, 2010

Preparing for my Cruise....Jewels gallore

So I am leaving shortly for my cruise and preparing everything before I leave town.  Today I went to our local dollar store after buying a hot little number for our black tie event on the boat.  I figured I needed a few things to dress up my dress.  My daughter has ruined my collection of gold necklaces. I am waiting until she gets older to repair them or buy anything fancy.  Always the practical woman I wanted something that says I got money, something that I could wear places other than on the boat, something that would look nice with my practical little black dress, and something that costs under 10 dollars.  So I bought my first pearl necklace.  Well it's actually glass but I can't tell the difference.  I got it for a dollar.  I snapped a goofy picture of myself wearing it.  When I try it on with my outlet designer dress I will snap that photo and post it too sometime this week.

Now personally I am not a woman that is wowed by real jewels, there are some women out there that want everything to be real but I'd rather put my money elsewhere like in investments, into friendships, or self development.  But if you like real pearls...I won't judge you.

What do you think of my pearl necklace?  Does it look real to you?

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