Monday, August 30, 2010

We're taking a cruise!!!

All bets are off.  My partner, daughter and I are finally taking a vacation.  It is the first week long vacation that my partner and I have taken together.  We've been in school.  We had a baby.  We bought a condo.  We weren't finally positioned to take a trip without debt until now.  We elected to take a cruise on the Alantic ocean.  I am pretty excited.  I will get to cities that I haven't seen before.  Now we will be staying in cramped quarters.  We took the smallest room available with fold up beds, on a postively reviewed boat.  We read through hundreds of cruise reviews before making a final decision.  I've heard horror stories about cruises before and I didn't want that to be our experience so the reviews on Travelocity were important.

We made it even more affordable by chosing a Docking city that a relative lives in, the very famous NYC.  I will get to visit her a couple of days, she'll borrow our car (which means we won't pay parking), in addition she'll drop us off and pick us up from the dock.  So we won't pay parking, hotel or taxi fees. Our 7 day cruise was listed at 650 a person (since meals are included and reviewed as quite good) I figure this was a good price.  Once you include our daughter, travel insurance, & taxes the price actually came to around 2000 US.  Which is prior to the cost of gratuities and tour fees for the cities that we will see.  We figure it will be another 500 dollars if we chose frugal but good tours.  So 2500 is not really a cheap vacation but all considering it should be a great experience.  I am convinced it is a good way to travel with a baby.  She's half price on this boat (yes on some boats kids are free, but those boats traveling out of NYC at our time frame weren't very positively reviewed).  So we finally took the plunge.  I am pretty excited.  I think it will be money well spent.

What do you think?

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