Sunday, August 15, 2010

Took a Blogging Break

Last year, I tried an experiment and blogged everyday for basically a year.  I had several misinterpretations of my blog and changed my mind about the nature of my blog along the way.  I deleted my primary blog and took a long break from blogging.  I have been enjoying my hiatus and now I am wondering how I was working and writing on my blog everyday.  I won't be blogging everyday.  I won't be trying to make money blogging either...which was something i was trying to do with my former blog.

My life has totally changed in the interim, well not so much changed but my perspective.  I think before I was using an exorbitant about of time planning for my future and my families future.  I was also working at job where I was very unhappy.  I stopped working there and I stopped planning and worrying about the future.  I got two new part time jobs that are much more enjoyable.  They don't really pay the bills at the moment (and I am terribly over qualified)...but I saved up this nest egg and I am covering the difference with my savings at the moment.  I've been enjoying my life while not blogging.  I have been playing a bit more with my daughter, whose really enjoyable at her age. I got up to date on Dexter, True blood, Scoundrels and I've seen an exorbitant number of movies.  Movies and good TV shows are something that I really enjoy.  I stopped updating my CV and stopped networking.  I have been taking french classes.  I have just been taking a relaxing break from working a serious job.  I am pretty happy about taking the break.  I needed it.

I am still dabbling in my career options, and I have two upcoming possibilities, but I am trying to also just accept where I am at right now.  I think things will happen when they happen and if they don't I will live on less.  It's a nice place to be at.  These changes coincides with the purchase of my first home.  I really love my new house. So that's where I am at in my life right now....happy with a low income.

As for saving money.....or well living frugally.  Its become a necessity.  I am trying to live off of a salary of about 30 dollars a day...give or take 20 bucks.  So I am not really rolling in the dough.  However I  have this beautiful Husband who works full time and covers much of our living costs.  So I have to cover some of my food, my clothing, my shoes, and a few hundred in our mortgage payments.  We bought this house knowing that I may not be able to work (depending on childcare) if we lived on the basic minimums we could afford this house on his salary alone. Its something that I do recommend being able to live off one salary and using the other for extravagant things, saving, and investing.  It does mean living on less, in a smaller home and we are.  It also means we don't panic at this period of under-employment.

One of the coolest things I discovered with my low income is the access Montreal card.  I get free entry to the Jardin Botanique with that and use the metro to get there.  It costs nothing for an entire day of enjoyment.  The access Montreal actually give you free/reduced entry to a lot of things in Montreal.  It's not great for people who aren't from here but if you are......definitely pick one up.  I am still doing plenty of fun things inexpensively.  I will have to attach some photos and update you guys a couple times a week.

Do stay tuned.

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