Monday, August 30, 2010

Part Time Jobs : the way to financial independence.

I've got a lot of hobbies and a lot of ambitions.   I end up finding that it is easier to do all my hobbies and work at my ambitions if I work two jobs.  I manage my schedule better with the stress and the curiosity of two part time jobs, than simply working one full time job.  If I can find a dream job that probably won't be the case anymore.  However when I work mostly to pay the bills it makes more sense to work two jobs....better yet to work two jobs that allow me to learn skills related to my interests or work one job that I find relaxing and one job that challenges me.  Financially it could make more sense to work at a job where you work over-time.  I am a mom who manages a household.  I guess I am not really interested/able to work more than 30 hours a week right now.

I've managed a comedy show, worked in a cafe, ran errands and worked a computer lab as second jobs. They were all relaxing social positions.  I would have probably done some of them for free, in fact the comedy show I managed after attending shows regularly.

I currently work two jobs and I've decided to use my income from my second job, which is only a few hours a week, to invest for my retirement.  It adds up to about 200 dollars a month.  My other job (my new job) is going to be used to pay my bills & expenses. If I earn over 1,000 dollars a month I will put the amount over 1000 (that's the amount I need to live) in a donation or savings account.

I think having the two jobs keeps my finances in perspective and sets me up with a budget one to live off of and one to save/donate.

Have you ever worked a second job?

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