Sunday, July 11, 2010

A world of choices

It amazes me the number of choices that I make everyday.

I decide what time I get up, if I shower, where I work, if I have hobbies, if make friends, if I help others, or if I ignore others.  You decide if you make purchases too, and if you do decide to make a purchase today you decide where to go and how much to spend.  I have a lot of choices in Montreal for where to shop and related to that, I have a lot of choice over how much I spend on what I elect to purchase.

The idea that everything is a decision, is empowering to me.  You could decide to not shower or to not go back work.  It may not be the best decision but you can make it. You can even decide to like something or not to like something that you decide to do.

You can read this text and decide that I am interesting or you can read this text and look for errors in my writing or fault in my logic.  Its really up to you.

What did you chose to do, to buy, to eat, and to like today?

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