Sunday, July 4, 2010


I really enjoy films.  I was using  However I got annoyed while waiting for the movies to arrive.  There were a lot of times where i wanted to watch a movie and one wasn't available.  Especially after I downgraded my membership.  The last month I subscribed I think i received a total of 4 movies.  It was not enough to justify the monthly expense.  

Occasionally I download movies and music for entertainment.  I know some people disapprove of doing it.  I do buy a lot of movies too.  I'm not opposed to paying for movies...but I have not found a service that I think it is what I am looking for in so far as convenience  So there's my excuse. I'm not going to debate the morals of illegal downloads. 

If you have downloaded movies you may see the disadvantages to doing so.  You expose your computer to potential viruses.  You also cannot play the movies that you download with the codac directly on your computer....nor can you easily burn them.  You either have to purchase software to modify it or you can try to use the free versions to do this, but I find the free versions take way too much time.  I  have purchased licences the last two years.  I tried one called ConvertXtoDVD.  It does a good job converting movies onto a DVD format.  However you cannot play it. 

I downloaded a software program called Vuze  for a little less money and I've been very happy with it thus far.  It allows to search for movies, burn DVDs if you want to, and watch the movies on your computer.  I very rarely burn DVDs now that I can watch the movies on my computer.  Its a lot cheaper than what I was doing before and its a better program (at least for my purposes).

If you download movies, what software and search programs do you use?

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