Monday, July 19, 2010

Feel like I am waiting for something

I just started my new french class. I paid 250 dollars for seven weeks of courses and I do believe it will take my mid-intermediary level french to the next level, as long as I take initive and work a bit at home.  The course is located at the YMCA.   I am a big supporter of the YMCA.  The ones in Montreal are amazing.  The quality of everything they offer is surprisingly good.  I cannot comment on all YMCAs, but I have been pleasantly surprised by ours.

While I was sitting in my class though, after explaining who I was and why I was taking this french course to all the students, I realized that my life sort of feels still right now.  I feel like my life has slowed down so much since college.  Graduate school was pretty slow rolling and for the most part isolating.  I got my degree but I feel no different, and worse yet, not particularly better qualified for most jobs in my domain.  It feels like I am over qualified for so many positions and yet under certified for so many others.  I am dying to find a job that keeps me busy, social, allows to contribute to world, yet also brings in enough revenue that I can live well.

I am not complaining.  I am happy with my life.  I just feel so ready to start my career.  Hopefully this course is the final investment to give me a boost.

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