Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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I joined last friday and since then I got three movies in the mail.  I watched all three and mailed them back.  I then signaled to the website that I had sent back the DVDs and they have since sent me three new DVDs. I have not gotten them yet but then again they have not gotten my DVDs back yet either.  The first three were low on my priority list of things that I want to watch. I really liked one, Burn After Reading, it was not at all what I expected and a bit ridiculous but entertaining.  I really hated another, Thank You For Not Smoking, one of my girlfriends saw it in the theater and liked it, but oh man I just could not get into it.  I also watched Nanny McPhee which was cute.  These were all low priority for me, I probably would have never rented them at a normal movie store but then I would  have never saw burn after reading which I really liked. While my first set included low priority movies this set include titles that I am pretty excited to recieve. I like the mix.  I like seeing movies I would have never watched along with movies you are excited about. It gives you something to talk about with others.

I am watching as many DVDs as possible to really test out how fast you get DVDs during my free period.  I may continue the membership but may not depending on how useful it is for my family.  Thus far I really like it and will likely continue the service perhaps not at the current number of DVDs out a time, but I will probably I keep it up.

The nice feature as a parent, is there is no travel time.  My daughter won't scream in a movie store, or tear down a movie display.  I won't have to entertain her or buy crap refreshments for her.  I can add movies to my list in my free time, at midnight if I want, which is also nice.  I won't have late fees but the incentive to get another will probably allow a quick return time for me. The price for three DVDs out at a time is 24.99 a month plus tax.  Its like a night at the movies in montreal only this is way easier.  Plus since my partner and I speak different languages and therefore perfer to watch our films in different languages we can watch them in whatever languages
we want for the most part.  I can request a lot of french films too which will be fun for our family.  Overall I like the service. I wish the unlimited DVDs were a little cheaper....say like 10 dollars a month similar to netflix and I would really be sold.  However, 25 dollars a month is not bad considering all that I do get out of this situation.

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