Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting a deal on dancing lessons

I love to dance and work out.  Yet if you ever look at the cost of dance instruction it is super expensive.  So how can you affordably take a dance class. Well there are a few ways.

One is to look into your local YMCA to see if they offer classes.  Mine does offer excellent dance classes from ballet to Cha cha cha, but I have a hard time getting there since I had a baby.  They also offer yoga and pilates for about 40 dollars a month in membership fees.

The second is to scan your local newspapers for free dance class trials.  I think you should always try before you buy.  If you live a big city you could try multiple places before deciding.

The third is to negotiate with friends.  I had a group of 15 girlfriends who all wanted to take a striptease dance class together, for a alternative night out.  I know what you thinking, you are such a weirdo taking that sort of class.  Actually I found it very empowering and there was no nudity whatsoever.  Its more a skill that you learn in a studio and take home to your partner, than something that you do in a club.  Well it was so much fun and it costs us 10 dollars each thanks to the fact we did it together.

Lastly you can barter, offer your skill at ____ for a private dance lesson on craigslist or in a professional bartering club.  You'll be ballroom ready in no time.

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