Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finding a deal on baby stuff

I have a bouncing one year old who is a real joy in my life.  However when I found out I was pregnant I was not sure what I thought about the situation.  I was not trying to have kids yet.  I was not sure I would ever be able to have children.  So when she came along, I made the decision to love her right away.   Yet I had little money.  I was a full time student.  My husband was inbetween jobs.  We were tight.

I figured I had nine months to sort it out so I placed a couple ads on craigs list asking for other people's left overs.  I paid for one set and got another set of stuff for free within a couple of months.  I did not beg I did not whine or give any one any details I just let people know that I needed baby stuff.

I also got a 500 gift certificate from a relative to Toys R Us.  I only used it when there was a killer sale on what I needed.  I had a long list and I had 3 months or so after getting the card to collect stuff. I had already gotten great used kids stuff from craigs list but I stocked up on a new play pen, a breast pump, a baby bath and a couple of other items ridiculously cheaply.

I watched the ads and found a baby mattress for 35 dollars from a local sale and the crib I got for free from craigslist.  I had everything I needed when my daughter arrived and in fact I did not need to buy clothes for 6 months or so. 

Buying new baby stuff is a real waste especially when they are a couple of months old.  Babies poop on everything and they grow out of stuff quickly.  I know many a parent who buys everything new and it is totally unnecessary and infact pretty wasteful because you end up with clothes she never wore, toys she never liked, and extra clutter.

I give stuff away on craigslist all the time now.  If you are expecting or know someone who is, you could use these tips and save a bundle.


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